The art of sculpture is my passion. I am influenced by Buddha's teachings and my art work represents the concepts of reincarnation and karmic affinity in the cycle of life. The shapes I create from clay and rice paper are inspired by my perceptions of the various cycles of life. Reincarnation is the idea that we live many lives on earth and that in any life we are what we have made ourselves in former lives. Karmic affinity is the idea that we knew one another in other lives and that the karmic tie or affinity we created have brought us together to meet again in this life.

I have worked with stone, wood, bronze, rice paper, and other natural materials. I like to use natural materials. Much of my recent work is made from clay and rice paper. Clay is natural, practical and pliable. It allows me greater creativity in exploring shape and form. Texture, shapes and connections to nature are important to me. It generates various colors when it is fired in kilns at different temperatures. I make open vessels through a repetitive process of attaching little bits of clay one another over and over until a whole form emerges. When I use a slap and pop technique, I use all my fingers. The technique that I use is wonderfully repetitive and meditative, and the time that I spend making these sculptures is important to me. I also make peppers using Korean rice paper. Rice paper is natural, durable, flexible, and allows the ability to work with various colors.

My work combines stylistic influences from the East and West. I am interested in both eastern and western art. In my work, I try to depict the Buddha's teachings and connections I see and feel in art.

©2010 Sook Yoo